Facilitated Programs

Facilitated Programs

Water Works is a highly flexible learning tool and can be used in two main formats. Activities can either be run by our in-house facilitators or you can choose to self-facilitate

When you commit to a facilitated program, you’re hiring someone that has been there and done it before – they are familiar with what it takes to deliver a world-class event (big or small, virtual or face-to-face). That facilitator will hold a learning objectives meeting with you to ascertain your key goals for the session and will work with you to translate those learning objectives into a specific activity plan.

Following the learning objectives meeting your facilitator and you will be completely aligned and you’ll have 100% confidence in the approach they have planned for the event. Beyond the facilitator, you’re also hiring a whole team that has prepared and planned the logistics of hundreds of programs before. Venue selection? Furniture arrangement? Sound? Lighting? Don’t worry – we’ll help you plan it all.

Essentially, we make the program as close to a “plug and play” activity as possible. If you’ve never experienced one of our programs before then a facilitated program is certainly where you should start.

Wondering what it feels like to run a face-to-face program with our facilitators? Check out this sample video from one of our larger events: 

One of our larger sessions in action!