Activity Formats

Option 1: The Multiplier Activity

Double the impact of your team’s effort with the most popular version of our activity – The Multiplier! Within this highly engaging activity your team gets an opportunity to build a filtration system that will be shipped overseas at the conclusion of the workshop. The exciting thing about “The Multiplier” is that with every water system you build in the workshop we will also donate a second system on your behalf. Just like our other activities, you have absolute transparency about where your water systems are donated. You even get a photo back of a family who received the specific system that was donated on your behalf. How do we know it was yours? Each team gets to individually design an artwork that we decorate your gift with.

How are we able to double the impact of your team’s efforts? The first system that you build within our program will be an emergency filtration system. Each of these systems are critical during times of floods and other natural disasters. They need to be compact photo-14-11-16-2-56-09-pmand easily transported in large numbers to the locations required. Of course there are limitations associated with emergency systems so we also donate a long-term house-hold system which is also donated on your behalf. Household systems are much larger and we buy a number of components for them in Uganda… that’s why you can’t make them and ship them all the way from your workshop. Just like our other programs, you will be able to track the progress of your gift via our online tracking system

Looking for an increased challenge? With “The Multiplier” we can increase the degree of difficulty in this activity in a number of ways. One of the most popular is to utilise blindfolds during the build. Poor water quality is the single biggest cause of avoidable blindness in the developing world so doing our activity blindfolded is more than just a token thing, it helps participants empathise with the people they are trying to help. Accepting a blind-fold is confronting but helps to create a lot of meaning whilst also increasing the degree of difficulty. Don’t worry, if your team builds blindfolded they will still get a chance to check the quality of their work once they remove the blindfold at the end of the activity.

Option 2: Traditional Build and Test Experience

Similar to the Multiplier activity but within a traditional “Build and Test” experience the kit that you build within the workshop doesn’t get shipped overseas. Of course we still donate a water system on your behalf and you get absolute transparency about the final recipient of that gift, it’s just that the kit that you assemble within the workshop is used as an example only. This is perfect for schools or other environments where it makes more financial sense to run an activity several times utilising the same materials.

Within this format of the activity, your team gets to build and test a real-life filtration system PLUS do the artwork and Bayer2sponsorship part of the activity. At the end of the experience you’re going to know that there are a large number of people who will no longer be exposed to water-borne diseases as a result of your efforts. This activity helps participants understand very clearly what kind of a difference they have made overseas. Not only is this a great team-building experience but it helps participants put into perspective the day to day challenges that we often waste our emotional energy on.

Option 3: Artwork and sponsorship activity

This is the most affordable way of getting involved in our activity. It’s also ideal if your agenda is tight.

The artwork and sponsorship activity entails a keynote address along with an artwork and sponsorship activity that enables people to truly connect with the difference they are making. All WW0004 v3artworks become stickers that identify your sponsorships over in Uganda and post-workshop you will all receive a photo of each of your recipient families proudly displaying their new water system (decorated with your artwork).