Self-Facilitated Programs

Self-Facilitated Programs

If you’ve experienced one our facilitated programs before and feel confident about trying a do it yourself approach then it is very cost effective to purchase a self-facilitation kit.

Self-facilitation kits are are available for all formats of the activity. Essentially, we provide you with all of the materials required (and intellectual property) to ensure that you are set-up to facilitate like a pro!

Depending on which format of the activity that you have chosen to go ahead with, your self-facilitation kit will include the following:

  1. A facilitation manual (soft-copy included free and hard-copy available to purchase)
  2. All materials required to assemble an emergency filtration system.
  3. 30ml x Hand Sanitiser
  4. A complete set of assembly instruction cards
  5. An artwork slate with a unique tracking ID.
  6. Crayons and markers to decorate that artwork slate.
  7. 3 Billion stories tracking instructions.
  8. A USB Flash-drive including all of the most popular facilitator aides (including powerpoint slides, program videos, and a facilitator training video).
  9. Optional water bottles available for purchase (as a memento for participants to keep).


We are committed to the safety of all workshop participants. If you would like to learn a bit more about the social distancing rules we have put in place to keep you safe please CLICK HERE