Self-Facilitated Programs

If you’ve experienced one our facilitated programs before and feel confident about trying a do it yourself approach then one cost effective option for getting involved in the program is to Self Facilitate.

All you need to do is purchase (or rent) a self-facilitation kit. Each self-facilitation kit comes with one team kit (which includes everything you need to sponsor one filtration system).

Once you’ve paid for the upfront cost of your self-facilitation kit, all you need to do is re-order “a team kit” every time you want to re-use your filtration unit. We often call this a “re-charge kit”.

When you receive your first self-facilitation kit it will include the following materials:

  1. A facilitation manual (which includes sample agendas, techniques and also Contents 3troubleshooting tips)
  2. A USB stick complete with template slides and program videos
  3. Assembly instructions (for program participants)
  4. Enough equipment to build 1 filtration kit in your upcoming workshop. It can also be re-used for future programs, or returned after you’ve completed.
  5. 1 x Team Kit – which includes all of the materials required to sponsor and monitor the donation of 1 self-facilitation kit.

Each time you re-use your self-facilitation kit, you’ll need to purchase a new team kit. Each team kit contains:

  1. 1 x Artwork slate with a unique tracking ID.
  2. Artwork materials to decorate that artwork slate.
  3. 3 Billion stories tracking instructions.
  4. 3 x Drink bottles which will act as a reminder of the event.