• In designing this program we have been conscious of trying to maximise the impact of each dollar spent.
  • Wherever possible we re-use and recycle all surplus materials utilised within our workshops. We think this just makes commercial sense as well as being good for the environment.
  • Although the filter itself is manufactured in the UK, we source everything else (where possible) from our hub in Uganda. That means that every dollar spent in providing these kits is also supporting local jobs within the communities we are endeavouring to help. The stickers that are manufactured and stuck onto the side of each filtration unit are also manufactured within Uganda.
  • The project is monitored by experienced Lifewater team which will ensure that all families and schools understand how to use their new system. They will also regularly check in to ensure that they are maintaining their system well and help them solve any problems they might be experiencing.
  • In addition to ongoing monitoring, during the distribution process we help the local community establish a committee which then overseas the use of all water systems and their maintenance. Having local people driving the process ensures a level of ownership and is a much more sustainable approach.

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